Milk Crate Planter Box

Large pot plants can be expensive. Here’s an inexpensive alternative that’s easy to make.

What You Need: Milk crate, filtration fabric, soil, cutting(s) or seeds. Optional: rocks and charcoal for drainage, fertiliser, root hormone gel.

1. Line your milk crate with a permeable drainage filtration fabric (such as light-weight landscape fabric, preferably unwoven). Do this by placing the material in a cross shape inside the box. You can then do the same on the diagonal to prevent soil escaping from the corners of the crate.

Above I have used biodegradable material (which was used as packing material in grocery deliveries) and just stapled it together. You don’t have to buy special fabric. If the fabric you have is not very permeable (i.e. allowing liquid to pass through), you may choose to line the bottom of your crate with a layer of rocks to assist drainage.

2. Fill your crate with well-draining or composed-based soil.

Tip: If your fabric is not permeable, you can layer charcoal on top of the rocks before adding the soil. This will prevent the soil going sour.

3. Water the soil. It’s a good idea to add fertiliser to your soil at this point before adding cuttings or seeds.


4. Add your seeds or cutting. If taking a cutting, be sure to trim on a diagonal (as this will help the roots establish). Below I’ve used an aloe vera cutting. You can also apply a root hormone gel before planting cuttings. In no time you’ll have a plant that’s thriving.

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