Easy, Fun DIY Dog & Cat Toys

Buying pet toys can be expensive. So when chewing is part of the fun for our pets, here are some quick and easy ideas for your furry kids.


Dog & Cat Treat Boxes

Toilet paper rolls are a great material to recycle into toys.

What You Need: Toilet paper roll(s), treats, (optional: catnip for your feline friends).

Simply pinch one end of the roll and fold inwards to enclose.

Add your treats to the open end (option to also add catnip for felines). Repeat folding of the open end to enclose the treats. Your cat or dog will be fascinated by what’s in the box.


Homemade Dog “Kong” Treats

These peanut butter toys are a favourite!

What You Need: Apple, apple corer, peanut butter, treats.

Remove the apple core with the corer. If you don’t have one, carefully use a sharp knife to remove the core.

Insert treats into the centre of the apple and seal both ends of the hole with peanut butter. For a smaller treat (or multiple dogs) you can cut the apple in half sideways (resealing the new holes with peanut butter).


Tug-of-War Toy

What You Need: Old sock, tennis ball, 2 elastic bands.

Insert the ball halfway into the sock and tie each end off into a knot, close to the ball to prevent it moving. If the sock is too small or thick to tie into knots, simply twist either side of the ball and tie off each side with an elastic band.



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