Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy?

Op shops can be a fantastic place to pick up a bargain but have you ever considered a trip to the tip as another source of great deals, where you can give trash a new life as treasure?

Many councils have buy back centres at waste depots where you can pick up furniture, building and gardening equipment, household appliances and more. These buy back centres actively support and promote recycling with a wide range of environmental benefits; reducing waste buried in landfill and decreasing pressure on natural resources.

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Need some new pots for your garden? Rather than paying premium prices, why not explore what your local recycling centre has to offer? You might even find some plants.


So many items are thrown away that could make great pieces with a little care and inspiration. Check out the items below that we picked up in one trip. They may seem a bit dusty but stay posted and see what can be done with them – it may not be what you expect!


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