Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Short on time but still want a yummy breakfast? Check out these (vegan friendly) ideas for a nutritious plant-based breakfast or brunch.

Avocado on Toast 


Avocado on toast is yummy all on its own but for a little extra flavour, season with salt, pepper and chilli. Serve with a side salad of baby spinach lightly coated in extra virgin olive oil, chopped walnuts, juice from half a lemon and salt and pepper.

Berry Smoothie


For a quick liquid breaky, combine your favourite berries (fresh or frozen) with rice or almond milk, ice, maple syrup to taste and a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Vietnamese Inspired Toast


Dip is fantastic for adding flavour and creaminess when you’re in a hurry. Cover one piece of toast with eggplant dip and the other with hummus. Top with baby spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes, red onion and bean sprouts. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with coriander (cilantro).

Berry Bowl


It doesn’t get better than a fresh, seasonal fruit bowl.

Banana on Toast


Spread a little avocado oil on toast, cover with banana and sprinkle with brown sugar. Serve with your favourite berries.

Peanut Butter & Apple Toast


If you’ve never had this before, it might sound a little strange but it’s a match made in heaven! Spread peanut butter generously and top with thinly sliced apple.

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