Ideas for Old Cans, Bottles and Wood

Have cans, bottles or pieces of wood around the house? Why not repurpose them into useful objects? Here are some creative ideas for decorations that will cost you almost nothing.

Tealight Holders


Scrap wood can easily be transformed into a tealight holder: find appropriate pieces of wood (or cut to size), plan your design and use PVC to glue the wooden pieces together. Try adding nuts or seedpods to enhance your creation.

Old cans can also be used to create tealight holders (ones with resealable lids work best). Use PVC to glue one end of twine/rope to the base of the can and hold in place with masking tape until dry. Remove masking tape and coil the rope/twine closely and tightly around the can. Once the whole surface is completed, glue the top end in place, again covering with masking tape until dry. Place the tealight on top.

Vase or Planter


The above instructions can also be used to create this vase or planter. If using it as a pot plant, check out the info on terrariums for how to create false layers of drainage for your plant.


An old bottle can make a great vase. Fill with water and a little liquid fertiliser. Take a cutting from a plant that will regrow its roots (succulents work well) and place this in the vase, trimming lower branches if required.

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