Amazingly Easy DIY Shampoo

Have you ever read the ingredients list on the back of your shampoo bottle?

It’s so easy to consume products that have hidden (and not so hidden) chemicals but you won’t believe how incredibly easy, rewarding and economical it is to make your own shampoo.

Here’s how:



  • 1 tablespoon bicarb soda
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons of oats (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)


  1. Vitamise all ingredients. Use less or more oats to thicken your shampoo to desired texture. If you don’t have a Vitamix or similar blender, combine the bicarb soda and water and stir or shake (James Bond style, if you will)¬†until dissolved.
  2. Optional: Strain the mixture using cheesecloth or a piece of clean, plain cotton. This step isn’t necessary if you have a good quality blender. You may wish to substitute vanilla essence for a few drops of good quality essential oil in a fragrance such as orange blossom.
  3. Use: I used half a cup for 3 washes (to get rid of any residue chemicals from my old commercially made shampoo). The best advice is to try it and see – it will depend on your hair type.

There! Can you believe it’s that easy? But how does it rate against commercial shampoos? The first time I made this I used it in addition with my homemade hair treatment and conditioner and I couldn’t believe how good my hair felt and smelled. It took a total of only 5 minutes to make the shampoo, hair treatment and conditioner.

Check out conditioner and rinse recipes here.



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