Weekend Coffee Share – out of the ordinary

Coffee at my balcony

Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share! Can I offer you some coffee? Or tea? It’s still warm enough to enjoy a cup together at my balcony. I closed the glass panels a couple weeks ago, and now it’s like a little greenhouse again. Most of the veggies are harvested already, just a few tomatoes, and some bell peppers left. We’ve been blessed with an abundance of tomatoes this year. How are things in your world?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that things have been a little out of the ordinary this week, for several reasons. We welcomed new students to my class. That is always very exciting, getting to know new individuals and their guardians. 

There was some serious flooding in the region (not close to where I live.) It rained moderately Monday and Tuesday, but started to rain heavily the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. I rode my bike Monday and Tuesday (trying out my new rain-gear,) but had planned on taking the bus on Wednesday, since I knew I was going to get my second Covid vaccine dose in the afternoon (I got so dizzy after the first one.) While I was chatting along with a friend that happened to take the same bus on Wednesday morning a lady on the bus starts screaming, I looked out the window, and this was what I saw. 

I work a little outside the city, and this is not close to the center of the city, or my home. Many of the roads, and some houses in the region was damaged after the worst flooding in over 30 years. In the city of Gävle, one hour South-East from us, the flooding caused some real damage in a couple neighbourhoods. As far as I know no human was injured by the flooding. The flooding here, and the horrible fires going on in so many places in the world are a real cause of concern. At some point in the future I still plan on having a homestead, even though I’ve had to change the location several times the past few years (due to fires in Northern California, and drought/bad air quality at the property in Arizona.) It is still my dream. So many variables to consider; I need water, but it cannot be too close to water (danger of flooding.) I need trees (healthy air quality, and firewood,) but the area can not be too dry (fire danger,) but I do need it to be sunny enough for gardening..Sometimes I wonder if this place exists.LOL. I know I will find the right spot one day. I am not in the business of purchasing a place today, or even this year, but I look at different options and keep track of the market (land prices,) and weather data for different places almost daily. 

I got my second Covid vaccine dose on Wednesday, and had a reaction to it. After the first dose I got dizzy. After the second dose I was dizzy at first, but not as bad as after the first dose (I was extremely dizzy for three days, didn’t dare to leave my home.) The morning after the second dose, on Thursday I woke up at 4.30 am with a fever of 101F/38.5C. I had a fever for 24hours, and then it disappeared. My body ached yesterday (Friday,) but I felt pretty good otherwise, today Saturday I feel great again. I didn’t go to work Thursday and Friday, but yesterday I got a lot of work done from home. 

Now I am ready for a relaxing weekend. There’s no other plans than doing little things around the house that always needs to be done, clean up a little on the balcony, maybe read a little, go for some walks, rest, spend time with my daughter, have a nice family dinner on Sunday. (We always make Sunday dinner a little more special.) It is a beautiful cool, sunny day outside, 51F/11C right now, and we expect it to warm up to 62F/17C later in the day. The leaves have not started to change colours yet, but that’s probably not that far away.

What’s you plans for the weekend? Thank you so much for the lovely company, and an extra thanks to Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share! Have a fabulous weekend! 



Published by Maria

It’s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I believe that you are what you eat; mind, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. I now reside in the region where I was born Dalarna, Sweden. I am a mom, a minimalist and a gardener. I'm also a kindergarten teacher with a dream of improving practices of teaching sustainability in kindergarten. To be able to engage in educational research I am working on my Degree of Master of Science, Main Field of Study: Educational Work. Love, Maria

42 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – out of the ordinary

  1. Oh Maria, sudden rain can do that here in Australia too where the rain is too fast for the water to flow away normally. It’s called flash flooding here and so dangerous because it comes up far too quickly. Some people don’t realise and try to drive through it…,bad! Sounds like you are over the worst of the covid vaccine after effects. I am glad we are fully vaxxed as you are. Take care, we are in lockdown here, with the worst still happening here in Australia as Delta catches up very fast with people. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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    1. Hi Denyse. I experienced some flash flooding in California and Nevada, but it have not been that common here. The rain stopped an d the sun have been shining since Friday, hopefully that helps.

      What re the rules for your lockdown? Are you allowed to be outside? Visit the grocery store?
      It does feel good to be vaccinated, even though they aren’t sure how well protected we are from the Delta virus. It exists over here as well. Be safe my friend in the blogging world ❤


  2. My goodness! the floods sounds and look dreadful! I am glad you were not badly affected by them.
    Your reaction to your 2nd dose sounds like took a lot out of you – hope you are able to enjoy the weekend!

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    1. It’s going to take some time to repair roads in some places, and I feel bad for people having their houses damaged. The sun is shining now, hopefully that help in drying things up. Thanks for having coffee with me.
      I’m going to head over and see how things are in your corner of the worlds ❤


          1. I hear you … if it’s not one thing, it seems to be another.

            Not much rain these last few days (whew!). We are on a relaxing of some restrictions now, but our numbers are climbing again. So, some anxiety.

            Hoping you have a good week with the Kiddies at school and your family regardless.

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  3. I’m glad that your home wasn’t flooded, Maria, and that you are feeling much better now. I had a bad headache and serious fatigue from my first covid shot that went away in three days. The second shot did nothing. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you John! It feels good to be fully vaccinated now, definitely worth a bit of discomfort. I hope you are enjoying a great week and weekend. I have barely been on the internet all week it feel like. I’ll try to catch up 🙂 Thanks for having coffee with me.

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  4. Hi Maria. It’s always nice to hear what’s happening in your world, but this round — wow — lots going on.
    I’m so glad your vaccination symptoms have past. No fun at all there. Do I recall that you live on a small hillside? For most flash flooding, Almost any hill tends to keep you safe from most overflows of the creeks and rivers.
    New students, time at home with a fever and lots of tomatoes , hard rains and well loved children for company.

    Somehow all this adds up to homesteading again. You are a special kind of unique my friend and I’d love to make you a batch of my kids favorite black bean stew with red peppers, sausage and red wine. It likely does not have any healing power, but is full of protein and veggies and makes us fill good for hours after each meal. We would sit and enjoy tea with our bean stew mugs and you could describe in detail the latest homestead dream.

    Thanks for the visit.

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    1. I’d love to have some of that blacken stew! I am a fan of bean stews of all different types. I am sure that good food is healing. The sun has been out for three days now, and hopefully that helps to dry things up a bit. I used to live on a hillside, at the old house I was renting. Where I live now (since December of last year) is neither high, nor low, it is in the city. I hope you are enjoying a pleasant week and weekend, I am going to head over to see if there is some more of that stew at your house 🙂

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  5. Glad to see that’s not your car. We’ve had a pleasant day without rain. It’s rains so much here this year that it’s hard to find a dry day. I’ve not been out hiking in months because the trails are just to dangerously slippery.


  6. Hope you are feeling better! Crazy flooding pics.. Glad no one was hurt.. My tomato plants are still flowering. I have a few large ones that are green, but mine really are late bloomers. I probably don’t have the right sunlight and soil.. Your plants and tomatoes look great!

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    1. Thank you! If you are afraid that the nights are getting cooler soon you could cover the tomatoes at night, and the chance of them maturing during the last warm days are still there. Best of luck! Thanks for having coffee with me.

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  7. Fall is in the air here and I can see you all are heading towards it too. I think we have the same seasons at the same time, is that correct? I’m so happy your dream is still alive as I’m sure one day you will get your homestead. I have a friend who is homesteading up in Montana near Yellowstone national park. She was a city girl (always longing for this life) and worked for me at the vet lab I was at and it is amazing how she’s made the huge move towards a much different life!! I know she is in her Happy place now!!
    I’m so happy you are better now from your vaccines. I’m fully vaccinated as is my immediate family. I didn’t have as strong of reaction, could be I’m older so my immune system isn’t as strong as I’ve heard that can be the case, but feel safer now. What a nice relaxing weekend for you and family!! ❤️ Thank you for the coffee! Enjoy your weekend!! 💜

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    1. Thank you Diana! Yes, we have the same seasons at the same time, even though your gardening season is much longer 😉 Thank you for telling me about your colleague that followed her dream! Very inspiring!

      It does feel good to be fully vaccinated. I took my first and second dose as soon as it was available for me, they gave the elderly, and people at risk first, after that working their way towards healthy and young people. My son just got his first dose a week ago, no reactions at all. 16 year olds are the youngest age group they vaccinate in Sweden. Is there an age limit in the US as well?

      The weekend is very relaxing. I hope yours is as well. I really enjoy your little videos and photos of your horses. ❤ Thank you for your lovely company! ❤

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      1. I was just thinking my friend also writes romance novels and they are quite good. I knew her from before she became an author and she’s quite prolific now and has written so many books. One series is called Yellowstone Heart Song, by Peggy Henderson. She has just amazed me in her journey as a writer but now as a homesteader, living here dream. She struggles with anxieties, like so many of us life isn’t always perfect but we make the best of it as we can. Her husband works as a carpenter at Yellowstone National Park. Her 2 sons moved there with them too. I thought you may want to check out her books is why I’m going on so! Lol

        The youngest here in the U.S. is 12 for vaccines. That’s good your son was able to get vaccinated. I read they are working on younger kids for vaccinations, just taking time.
        I’m having a super nice relaxing weekend. Thank you!! You are so sweet, so happy you enjoy my horsey videos! ❤️🐴🤩

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  8. Glad you’re feeling better after your 2nd vaccine dose and you’re safe from the flooding. Your balcony garden and tomatoes look beautiful. I know you keep your green dreams alive and you’ll find the homestead place you love when you’re ready. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. I’m all good now 🙂 Thank you! The gardening season is almost over, but the tomatoes still produce some every day. Do you have space for a garden outside your house? I love watching inspirational videos on Youtube, I bet you could find some local gardener there that knows exactly what works in your area. I hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

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  9. Seems like flooding is a major theme all over.. except the American west where there the fires are worse than ever! We are having a tropical storm today with warnings about flooding.
    I’m glad you had your second shot, but sorry you had such a bad reaction. Sounds awful. Hope the worst is over.
    I’m not a huge tomato person, but I have been eating a lot lately because, well, it is that time of year, isn’t it?
    Hope your weekend went well and that you have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

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    1. Thank you Trent! I do feel great now, but it wasn’t very fun earlier this week.
      I hope you are safe from flooding. Is your house on higher ground?
      Its been a great, relaxing weekend, I hope your weekend has been as well 🙂

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  10. An eventful week you’ve had! I’m glad your balcony has been such a boon for you, providing produce and a soothing green-space. It’s hard to believe the summer is winding down already, but I look forward to the cooler weather.
    I’m glad you had your second dose… even with a reaction, I always think it is better than getting Covid without the buffer of a vaccine. It would be so much worse!
    Have a great week ahead!

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  11. wow. What crazy weather. We are having lunch at my inlaws today. I have to grocery shop and do odds and ends around home. We are having kitchen floors torn out this week so I have to remove things from open shelves and from the counters.

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  12. Congrats on the 2nd vaccine dose! And yeah, I don’t think the perfect place exists. I’ve lived in some wonderful places, but each had some drawbacks. I will say that after 6 years in Flagstaff, I don’t ever want to live in a high fire danger area again. Spending a month under a pre-evacuation order was no fun.

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    1. Thanks.
      I hear you on not wanting to live in a fire danger area. I’ve lived in northern California for several years, having a go-bag by the door was standard procedure.

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