Weekend Coffee Share – Halloween

Hi, how is your weekend? Is it spoooooky? Can I get you some coffee, or tea? 

If we were having coffee, or tea, I would tell you that I am very grateful for this weekend. It’s the first weekend in a long time when I haven’t done anything work, or school related. I got off work relatively early on Friday and spent the afternoon/evening doing Halloween crafts with my daughter. On Saturday morning I had some pumpkin carving, and baking of Halloween cupcakes planned, but my daughter didn’t feel like that. I choose to finish my crochet projects that I started earlier this month instead. It was relaxing, almsot meditative. I had already finished a wool hat for a friend’s newborn baby boy, yesterday I finished a scarf for the baby’s big sister. Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike over to their side of town to give them the gifts. 

Last night my daughter and I baked taco-pizza, it was delicious. We stayed up late to see if the clouds was going to give way for a clear night sky, everything except the clouds, was perfect for northern lights. Unfortunately the clouds stayed with us. It was still a great night, even though we did not get to see any northern lights this time.

Today we carved that pumpkin, and roasted pumpkin seeds. The house smells lovely, don’t you think?

Naturally we (mostly my daughter) ate some candy this weekend, but we did not go trick or treating. A lot of folks did, but I’d rather wait until Covid is a more distant memory.

I’m happy with the weekend. How about you my friend? Can I give you a refill on your beverage? Thank you Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share!



Weekend Coffee Share

Can I offer you some coffee? Or tea? If you’d like we could bring it with us and enjoy the beautiful, sunny day outside, or we could sit at the balcony and chat. What do you prefer? How is your week?

I feel like I’m an old record player on repeat when I say that it’s been a great and busy week. We had our first snow on Tuesday, but it only lasted for a couple hours. When the snow stopped, it turned into a very cold rain. We had an evening meeting at work on Tuesday, and when I was riding my bike home in the dark the rain felt extremely cold on my hands. I had the wrong gloves so they got soaking wet (it was 28F and windy that evening.) The rest of the days this week offered perfectly, beautiful cool, but not cold days. We’ve seen the sun on many occasions this week. The sun has been shining all day today. The nights are freezing now. When I was riding my bike around Lake Varpan earlier today, as I usually do at some point in the weekend, it was 32F, and sunny. It was very beautiful! I have great tires on my mountainbike so I’m not worried about patches of ice on the road. I’ve been riding that way so many weekends in a row now that some people are starting to say hi when I ride by their house. I kind of like it! In fact I would love to live in that area, it’s reasonably close to the city, and my work, but still very much the countryside, surrounded by pine forest. I could see myself living in a small house there, with a big garden outside. There are several small farms with horses, sheep, and chickens that I pass by on my ride around the lake. To me it’s just so perfect.

An old stone bridge you have to cross while riding a bike around Lake Varpan. I often stop to admire it.

What else happened this week? My kids have a cold, I don’t. They are on the mend, and I hope they both are well enough to attend school on Monday. My son missed two days of school, my daughter only one. I’m happy they are feeling better. It’s awful to see them sick. 

I’ve spent a few hours finishing up a report about Children in social emotional difficulties, it’s almost done. It’s due on Monday, but I am planning on handing it in tomorrow. The class I am taking (with the same theme as this report,) is of outmost interest, and it inspires my work on a daily basis. I am so happy that I am taking this class. 

I tried to take a photo of the current state of my balcony garden on the 23rd of October, 2021.
In the middle of the photo there are several pots that from a distance looks empty. At a closer look you’ll see these little spikes coming up. It is garlic for next year, planted two weeks ago. I am going to cover the garlic with leaves, to protect them from the coldest cold this winter.
These are greens growing behind me, from where I took the first photo. Considering the nights are freezing now, things look good. My green dreams are alive!

Are you hungry? I have a lentil soup, with the last bell-peppers from the garden simmering on the stove. It’s almost ready to enjoy if you want to stay for a bit and tell me about your weekend. Thank you Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share! Have a fabulous weekend!