The shortest day of the year

Today is the shortest day of the year. I celebrated the day, and the light that is about to come with a long winter walk/hike. I started out in town, and as I discovered that it wasn’t slippery at all today (yesterday was awful,) I decided to venture further away. I am so grateful toContinue reading “The shortest day of the year”

A slippery morning walk

Last week was a little warmer compared to the two previous weeks, now it’s getting colder again (normal winter temperatures,) and the roads and walkways are insanely slippery. My Christmas break have already started, but my kids have two days of school left. This morning after walking my daughter to her bus I decided toContinue reading “A slippery morning walk”

Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas traditions in the making

Welcome to the weekend coffee share. Can I get you a cup of coffee? Or tea? There is even Swedish Christmas beer, if you’d like to try.  How is your week? It’s been an extremely intense week at work, with several co-workers down with a bad cold, meaning that the rest of us have beenContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas traditions in the making”