Weekend Coffee Share – Spring?

Welcome to the weekend coffee share! Can I get you a cup of coffee? The sun is shining, if you like we could sit outside? I should be writing on my final exam paper for the class I’m taking now, but I really need a break. How is your week? 

Skiing earlier this week.

Not counting the craziness in the world, I’d say it’s a good week here. The weather’s been nice all week, a little windy a few days. Typical spring weather. The ice on the roads, and bike paths is slowly disappearing. The plan is to start riding my bike to work on Monday. I actually took a long walk today checking out what path I should choose on Monday morning, the one with the least amount of ice that is. I have a plan! 

Early morning walk through Falun, along Faluån (Falu River.)

My red currants are getting new leaves, so it has to be spring!

Red Currant bush at my balcony.
Tomato plants in my windowsill.

I took the bottom leaves away, and added some soil to my tomato plants today. I actually took them out to the balcony for a couple hours as well, to get them used to being outside. I’ll continue doing that whenever I have a chance. As soon as the nights are a little warmer they’ll move out to the balcony/sunroom. Earlier this week I ordered some new varieties of salad mix seeds. I usually have salad and herbs as companion plants to all my larger plants. It’s a win/win situation, you maximise the use of your space, especially good if you are growing at a balcony like I do, and the ground cover keep the soil moist longer, and the larger plant gives the salad some shade (most salad greens and herbs wants shade.) I am going to have less pots to grow in, and a less crowded balcony this year, but the plants I am going to have are in their perfect spot. I saved one bell-pepper plant from last year, to see if it could survive at the balcony. I don’t think it did, but we’ll see, I’m not ready to throw it out yet. If the figs survived, like they did last year, there is a chance, right? 

I better get back to my writing, but I will take breaks and visit your coffee share, if you have one. Feel free to take a refill of that coffee before you leave! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Published by Maria

It’s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. I now reside in the region where I was born: Dalarna, Sweden. I am a mom, a kindergarten teacher, a minimalist and a gardener. Love, Maria

16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Spring?

  1. Nice that the paths are opening up for you, allowing for a more invigorating commute. 🙂
    Our weather has been yo-yo-ing between winter and spring. One day it actually got to 60F, woo-hoo! But today, we are having snow and lots of wind bringing in a cold front, so back to winter for a few days. We have to take what Nature gives us. 🙂
    Your garden plants look promising, exciting to think about the coming growing season. I don’t start seeds, but have been enjoying spring bulbs that I have forced into bloom. I’ve been enjoying a lovely narcissus and light blue muscari. Today I pulled out more muscari and two pots of tulips. Makes me happy. 🙂
    Good luck with your writing, hope it goes well and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  2. Great photos, Maria, I love the view from the ski slope. I hope your seeds all sprout and you have a bounty this growing season! The river is beautiful too, I just read an article on it. I hope your kids are well too. Las Vegas will see 68F today, the low to mid-70s are coming tomorrow and into next week.

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    1. Your temperatures are tempting! We’ve had highs close to 50F this week, that is warm for march 🙂 My sunroom/balcony os very warm these days. I enjoy coffee there in t-shirt and shorts every day. Thank you for your kind comment.

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  3. Maria, Beautiful photos of Falun with the reflections on the river. Glad to hear you had a good week. Your plants look promising; they’ll do well in your capable hands. Good luck with your writing and cycling next week. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie! Writing went very well this weekend, better than expected, that feels very good coming into the new week. I can’t wait to ride my bike tomorrow 🙂

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  4. I’m so happy it’s warming up enough that you should be able to bike ride to work, great news! And I so love the photos of Falun with the water mirroring the city scape. I know your indoor garden will do WONDERFUL! I love the young growth so far. I hope you have a good weekend and thank you for the coffee!! ☕❤️🤠


  5. You are adventurous and brave to bike on the ice, Maria. The scouting expedition was a good idea. Spring is springing slowly here, too. All of the ice has melted, some snow spots in the yard, but now we have much-needed rain and I can’t wait until the blossoms show on our new trees in a few weeks! Stay safe my friend!


  6. Hi Maria – give you a bit a space and some peace and quiet, soon you’ll have stuff growing bright and healthy.
    That and wonderful photos will happen, but this biking on ice, eeech, I advise caution and a goo helmet.
    I always enjoy your glimpses of Sweden.

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