Launchedprofile in 2017 as a community for curious minds, creative souls and altruistic spirits, this site aims to inspire like-minded individuals to take concrete steps to realise their goals and make a lasting, positive impact. That change may be a healthier lifestyle, a DIY project undertaking, or even an entire reinvention of current mindset and circumstance.

If you’re intrigued by alternative lifestyles, travel, health & fitness, cooking, skill building, home & garden and creative projects, you’re in the right place. We will inspire you with new ideas, provide advice and motivation for projects and help you find your path in life (or at least provide some exciting detours!) by exploring different lifestyles. We will also connect you with like minded people; keeping you up-to-date with powerful and meaningful events and news.

This site is a home for sharing and learning as we discover unique and exciting ideas and ways of life together. Think there’s an interesting event we should include? Let us know about it on our Contact page.

This site was born out of a desire to connect with a wider range of people who believe there is more to our existence than just material gain, to explore meaningful pathways that lead to personal growth and have the potential to help others.

Cassie lives in Australia with her partner and fur and feathered “fids”, situated near the beach. Her interests include travel, yoga, writing, healthy living, music & art, and exploring all that she can of what the world has to offer.