Weekend Coffee Share – Circular Economy

Welcome to the Weekend coffee share! Can I get you a cup of coffee? Or tea? This week I’ll happily invite you to sit at my balcony and enjoy a cup together. Thank you everyone for the uplifting comments when I was feeling under the weather for a couple of weeks. I feel so muchContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Circular Economy”

Weekend Coffee Share

Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share! Can I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? Or maybe some hot chocolate?  How are you doing? I hope your holiday season was everything you wished for. I have to say this was the best Christmas break ever! It’s been such a wonderful mix of family, nature, relaxation,Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

What does cozy mean to you?

As I am writing this I am coped up in my apartment with my daughter that is sick. She’s been ill since last Wednesday, no, she is not dying. First she had the winter vomiting disease (not fun!) and then it turned into a sore throat and fever. We took a Covid test yesterday andContinue reading “What does cozy mean to you?”