Weekend Coffee Share – Gardening news

Welcome to the Weekend coffee share! Can I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? On the schedule today is plenty of time at the allotment garden. I did get the planting done that I was talking about last weekend. I even found time to go to the garden on Wednesday after work. That isContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Gardening news”

Weekend Coffee Share

Can I offer you some coffee? Or tea?  It’s Saturday morning when I write this and it is very quiet. The children are sleeping and the snow is falling outside the window. It’s like the world is covered in a soft, white blanket. Earlier this week we had a few warm days, and yesterday afternoonContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share”

Weekend Coffee Share – green dreams during a cold spell

Hi, can I offer you some coffee? Or tea? Yesterday the sun was shining outside my window, it looked inviting so I decided to have coffee at the balcony. However, when I got out there I quickly got reminded of the cold spell we’ve had this week..let’s say that coffee at the balcony was moreContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – green dreams during a cold spell”