Exploring Dalarna, Sweden

The clean water of Lake Siljan

We’ve decided to explore the beautiful region of Dalarna (where we live,) this summer. Today we went to the picturesque town of Rättvik, right by lake Siljan. The water in Siljan was rather cold, but it was a wonderful day. We enjoyed a picnic on the beach.

We visited the local art and craft store, where I found a gorgeous book with water colour paintings of edible and medicinal plants.

Everything in Rättvik was so beautiful, that we didn’t even go on the hike I had planned for the day… I guess we have to come back. It’s less than one hour from where we live, I think we can manage that rather easily.

This post is part of my friend Terri’s series Sunday Stills, this week’s theme being The Great Outdoors. It’s been a fantastic day today! How is your day?



Why Green Dreams?

All my life I’ve valued intentional living, with a close connection to nature. I’m in my early 40’s, and naturally this have looked different throughout different stages of my life, I am sure this is true for many people. I am a minimalist at heart. I like the way Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist nails what minimalism is:

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

That pretty much describes what minimalism is to me. Minimalism can be pursued in so many different ways. Maybe you ask, what does this so called minimalism look like in my life? I’m so happy you asked!

I choose to make a lot of time for my children.

I choose experiences before possessions.

I choose to not have a car. (Starting with the choice of living where I don’t need one.)

I choose to ride my bike and walk when I need to get somewhere close by (less than 10km/6miles,) and public transportation for longer distances (sustainable public transportation using renewable fuels preferred.)

I choose to not have a TV, but instead watch things I intentionally choose on my laptop. 

I value education, and learning new things. 

I value skills that makes me feel good about my self. (Knowing how to fix things at home, cook from scratch, bake bread, grow my own food etc.)

I make good use of our local library.

I choose to spend time in nature on my free time.

My home is not cluttered with unnecessary stuff, but I have everything I need.

I have a capsule closet, (adjusted to fit the four seasons I have where I live.) 

I choose the name Green Dreams for my blog mainly for two reasons; because I like to consider the environment in my daily choices, and I absolutely love to grow my own food. I am working towards my dream of living a more self-sufficient life, growing the majority of my food myself. Life happens and the dream is still a couple years away, but it is very much alive, especially in the shape of my balcony garden (and the amount of time I spent looking at suitable land on the internet..) I’m not new to the concept of blogging, but decided that I needed a new, fresh start. I hope to reconnect with old blogging friends, and make many new friends. It’s great to see you here! What was your first thought seeing my new blog? What thoughts came to mind when you saw the name Green Dreams? What are your thoughts about minimalism?