Weekend Coffee Share – Crowd farming & a relaxing weekend

Welcome to the Weekend coffee share! Can I get you a cup of coffee? Or tea? Would you like to sit down at my balcony and enjoy a hot beverage with me?

If we were having a coffee and a conversation in real life you would notice that I am rather relaxed and happy. This weekend I have not other plans than to enjoy life; spend time with my daughter, catch up on things around the house (might sound boring, but I love it,) cook a little (including some meal prep for next week,) bake a little, do some gardening (planting rhubarbs, and garlic is on the schedule,) and take some walks in nature (exactly what nature area I’m going to visit is yet to be determined.) Naturally there will be some school work as well, but I’m well on schedule with that. So there’s no stress. How are you? How are things in your world?

I’ve been curious about the concept of CrowdFarming for a while. A few weeks ago my daughter and I decided to adopt a tree (perhaps you remember the post I made about that) or in fact we adopted two trees, one mango tree and one avocado tree. We love mango and avocado, but it would be challenging to grow them in Sweden where we live. When you adopt a tree you support the farmer and sustainable growing practices, and you get to enjoy part of the harvest. The farmer sends it straight to you. We received our first box of mangoes earlier this week.

Do I need to say that they are the most delicious mangoes we ever tasted? We are planning on adopting other types of trees that we can not easily grow here, like pomegranate and perhaps figs (I didn’t see any fig trees available for adoption last time I checked, but more farmers are joining the crowd farming website on a regular basis, and I’m hoping it might be an option later on.)

I’ve enjoyed many amazing bike rides this week, fall is still incredibly beautiful. I saw this rainbow early one morning. There’s been a mix of rain, wind, and sunshine all week, not particularly cold (50F during the day and in the 40’s at night.)

How is your week? What are you up to this weekend? Thank you Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share.



Weekend Coffee Share

Hi, can I get you a hot cup of coffee, or some tea? How are you doing? I apologise for this late coffee share. I mainly want you to know that I’m alive and I am doing great. It’s been a fabulous, and busy week. I’ve spent a great chunk of the weekend writing a school report. It required my full attention, and after handing it in (rather pleased with the result,) I’ve been spending time with my daughter. That is basically all I’ve done this weekend. Still, it feels like a very good weekend. I’ve had a lot of exercise during the week, and my body needed rest from physical activity. I did go on some walks this weekend, but nothing strenuous. My body is very grateful for the rest.

The colours are exploding all around, and I’ve been enjoying as much time outdoors as I possibly could Monday-Friday. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, ending with asking you how your week is. How is your week? And thank you Natalie for being our faithful host of the weekend coffee share.

Love & Gratitude,