Weekend Coffee Share – Halloween

Hi, how is your weekend? Is it spoooooky? Can I get you some coffee, or tea? 

If we were having coffee, or tea, I would tell you that I am very grateful for this weekend. It’s the first weekend in a long time when I haven’t done anything work, or school related. I got off work relatively early on Friday and spent the afternoon/evening doing Halloween crafts with my daughter. On Saturday morning I had some pumpkin carving, and baking of Halloween cupcakes planned, but my daughter didn’t feel like that. I choose to finish my crochet projects that I started earlier this month instead. It was relaxing, almsot meditative. I had already finished a wool hat for a friend’s newborn baby boy, yesterday I finished a scarf for the baby’s big sister. Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike over to their side of town to give them the gifts. 

Last night my daughter and I baked taco-pizza, it was delicious. We stayed up late to see if the clouds was going to give way for a clear night sky, everything except the clouds, was perfect for northern lights. Unfortunately the clouds stayed with us. It was still a great night, even though we did not get to see any northern lights this time.

Today we carved that pumpkin, and roasted pumpkin seeds. The house smells lovely, don’t you think?

Naturally we (mostly my daughter) ate some candy this weekend, but we did not go trick or treating. A lot of folks did, but I’d rather wait until Covid is a more distant memory.

I’m happy with the weekend. How about you my friend? Can I give you a refill on your beverage? Thank you Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share!