Jamtli – an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland 

During our visit to Östersund earlier this week I took my daughter to Jamtli, a place close to my heart. A place my mother often took me and my little sister, when we were kids. What is Jamtli? It’s a whole world of wonder! Jamtli covers a big area in the outskirts of the cityContinue reading “Jamtli – an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland “

Weekend Coffee Share – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This is the last Weekend Coffee Share this year! Natalie The Explorer are taking a well deserved break from hosting the Weekend Coffee Share for a couple weeks, but I figure if someone still wants to have nice warm cup you are more than welcome to my home. Can I get youContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Happy New Year!”