Weekend Coffee Share – In The Moment

If we were having coffee, I would suggest that we step outside, to the balcony. At the moment it’s 33F outside, but around 65F at the balcony. If we were enjoying a coffee and a conversation we would sit in the comfortable chairs, and indulge in the delicious coffee, fully enjoying the moment we share.Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – In The Moment”

Weekend Coffee Share – snow, snow, snow, and more snow

Welcome to the weekend coffee share. Can I get you a cup of coffee? Or tea? How is your week? This week started out really cold around 0F Mon, 5F Tuesday, and the slowly rising to stay around 30F this weekend. We’ve got a ton of snow. It snowed constantly Wednesday to Saturday, day andContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – snow, snow, snow, and more snow”