Weekend Coffee Share

Can I offer you some coffee? Or tea? 

It’s Saturday morning when I write this and it is very quiet. The children are sleeping and the snow is falling outside the window. It’s like the world is covered in a soft, white blanket. Earlier this week we had a few warm days, and yesterday afternoon when I was on the bus home from work I could see the grass on some of the fields we passed by, today everything is white. It was warm enough to not wear a hat some days this week, but I definitely have to wear a hat today. I had my hopes up that I might finally be able to ride my bike this weekend, but I’ll have to wait a little longer. There’s many big patches of ice here and there under the snow. Better safe than sorry (at least in this case.)

How is your week?  

This coming week I’m looking forward to the introduction seminar for the Master’s thesis class that is starting now. Meaning that I’ve finished all the classes that I need to take to be able to write a Master’s thesis about the practices of teaching sustainability in kindergarten. It is of course only the beginning, and the hard work is ahead of me. The introduction is on Tuesday and I have a meeting scheduled with the researcher that is going to be my supervisor for this thesis on Wednesday. I am a little nervous, but mostly very excited! It’s a six month long project to complete a scientific study about the subject and write the thesis. If everything goes well I am presenting the results, and defending my thesis in a seminar by the end of October. There’s a long way and a lot of hard work before we get there. I am very excited to finally begin.…next week.

This weekend is going to be spent at home with my children. We have some final things to arrange around the house. Today is also Waffle day, something my kids are excited to celebrate. It might not be the healthiest of celebrations, it usually includes tons of waffles, whipped cream, jam, and chocolate sauce. I’ll be sure to make some fruit salad as a healthy side as well. I’d be very happy to include you in the celebrations if we were having coffee today. 

Overall it’s going to be a relaxing weekend, perhaps some reading, definitely some crocheting, and some blogging. One of my friends is coming for a visit tomorrow, I’m looking forward to that. It’s the friend that is expecting the baby that I’m crocheting the blanket for. Speaking of crocheting, I’ve had some time to crochet this week, but it is a lot left to do on the blanket. The baby is still about ten weeks away, I think it’s going to be finished by then 🙂

What have you been up to? Thank you Natalie for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share. Natalie have a very interesting post this week about the Charleston Historic District and its amazing architecture.



Weekend Coffee Share – Plant journaling and seed starting !

Welcome to the weekend coffee share, can I get you a cup of coffee? What are you up to this week? What’s the weather like? We’ve had a cold week, with lots of snow, kind of like the way I remember the winters from my childhood.

Last week I wrote about looking into different ways of journaling my gardening endeavours. Guess what?! I’ve found a perfect plant journal earlier this week. There’s inspiration, ideas, and plenty of pages to keep track of the different stages of gardening. I’m so excited!

It feels luxurious to hold in my hands. The cover is made of some type of fabric.

I felt that the cover itself spoke to me, and I needed to open the book and see the layout.

In the beginning there are short, general reminders of what to do in the garden during the different seasons, followed by a month to month journal. Each month has several pages, for the journal to last many years,

There are pages for mood boards, sketching your dream garden, mixed with more organised pages about perennials in your garden, followed by annuals. There’s several pages of each section.

There’s also room to write notes about things that worked great, and things that should be done differently next year. I’m looking forward to the magic that is going to take place in these pages. I do consider growing plants to be magical. Seeing tiny seeds burst into life, and eventually grow into a beautiful plant contributing to a healthy ecosystem, and in the end provide my family with nutritious food. It is a wholesome process.

I started the first seeds for the season today. Two varieties of green onions, and some winter squash.

Their life starts in the windowsill, to be hardened off at the balcony, and finally they’ll end up at my allotment plot where there is more space. The plan is to make the most out of the space there this year.

Would you like a refill on your beverage? How are you doing? Tell me in a comment! Thank you Natalie for being such a wonderful host to the weekend coffee share.